Goli Love

I could not have asked for a better photographer. I was lucky when I found Yantz photography because I was procrastinating with my wedding planning and needed a lot of advice and guidance. Stephanie helped me so much that I really don't know what I would have done without her. She is such an amazing photographer and is so patient that at times I would think I should be more like her! Her team was so friendly and professional. They were always on time. I never worried about anything the day of my wedding because I had a photographer who truly had my back. She was in the moment and helped guide me throughout the day. She even came with me to my venue before the event to check the lighting etc. She truly is an amazing person and photographer. Her attention to detail and artistic flare captured every aspect of my wedding. They are a close knit husband and wife team and they work so great together! She also has other photographers on her team that I had the pleasure of meeting and they were awesome too;) My husband is not the best model and they were able to work with him and put him at ease. I recommend Stephanie to all my friends. I could write so much more about her but I will let you experience her talent for yourself. She was a true blessing and I am so happy I found her and her team. Thank you Stephanie and Greg for all your hard work!! I love my wedding pictures! Thanks for capturing my day and making this all a little less stressful