Fedra Love

We were very pleased with the overall work that Stephanie had shown throughout the planning and actual photography of our wedding. Originally, i was from the Bay area and i had a hard time locating a photographer in Southern California that not only had quality shots but was also invested in our needs. We noticed that right from the start she was very engaged and able to work with us and our venue concerns and find ways to meet our specific requests. I had seen her work on line and was convinced that she is just amazing at the cinematic photography. So thankfully when we found her we booked as soon as we could. We kept in contact all throughout the preparation and she was very diligent to request for all the specific needs we had with our family photos and planning of the actual day. This made me very relieved to know that she was on top of it and that i didn't have to worry about anything. We were also impressed that on the day of she came prepared and was very adaptable to just handling it all so that we were able to have a great time shooting the photos. She was also great with directing us and our poses to capture the best shots. She was just wonderful!

She showed true dedication with every detail and it made a significant difference with outcome of our photos. I was told that she and her colleague were all over capturing so many opportunities throughout our night. Again, It goes to show their dedication as a team to give us the best. I knew that she was going to capture good photos, but when we got them back we were absolutely shocked of how great they looked. We loved them and it was more than what we had imagined. I felt that she was heaven sent. She and her colleague was very sweet, friendly, and very good at how she conducted herself with all our family friends, some of whom were of different culture and couldn't speak english. So needless to say, i would most definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professional photography.